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Paul Anderson NMD
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While there are many “Technique” classes for regenerative therapies (to learn the hands on use of the therapy) there are few that truly look at “how” to make these therapies work to their maximum benefit for patients. So regardless of the reason for the therapy (orthopedic, cosmetic, regenerative etc.) the underlying need to create the environment of a “receptive patient” maximizes the result and outcome. Since you already know (or can learn) the technique portions of regenerative therapies easily at specialty seminars, Dr. Anderson and AAMP (after being asked by numerous practitioners) have devised this encompassing CME to look  at all the factors you can control to optimize regenerative therapy outcomes. Expert, experienced faculty will focus on enhancing patients receiving Stem Cell, PRP, Prolozone, Aesthetic, Prolotherapy, Trigger Point and many others:

  • Immune function optimization to promote regeneration – Including common stealth infections and biofilm influences on poor healing
  • Hormonal influences on regeneration and healing – Assessing and using bio-identical hormones to support healing
  • Laboratory assessment of patients to locate deficits and how to correct them
  • Nutritional, Genomic and Dietary influences including the use of specific diets, time restricted eating, nutritional supplements and more
  • Use of adjunctive therapies to enhance outcomes such as Heat, Hyperbaric, Light / LASER therapies and others
  • When to include IV or Injection therapies to enhance outcomes (and what to use)
  • Many other supportive integrative therapies

Even if you refer out for these therapies making sure they work maximally for your patient can be a full time job! Both the primary provider of regenerative therapies and the referring provider can benefit from the information provided at AAMP Scottsdale 2019.

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