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21st Annual Pathology Congress 2023 Paris France

The field of pathology straddles the lines of science and medicine; it produces each component of clinical benefits, pushing medicine from expressive testing and treatment, encouraging the use of cutting-edge genetic advancements, and pursuing new creative considerations in the development of novel treatments to combat diseases, defilements, and disorders. Pathologists are important in many different types of research, from examining the effects of novel treatments in clinical settings to determining the characteristics of diseases and germs.
The 21st Annual Pathology Congress is scheduled to take place in Paris, France on September 11 and 12, 2023. This conference could serve as a unique congress that brings together an innovative and international mixture of major and medium Pathology research, prestigious colleges and universities, and pathology research organizations, making the conference an appropriate venue to share experience in Pathology and associated topics.

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21st Annual Pathology Congress 2023 Paris France
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21st Annual Pathology Congress 2023 Paris France

The deadline for the first round of abstract submissions is 25th June 2023
The deadline for the second round of abstract submissions is 27th July 2023
The final round of abstract submissions is 27th August 2023

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