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3rd Edition of International Neurology Conference (INC 2025) 2024 Singapore

3rd Edition of International Neurology Conference (INC 2025)


We are excited to present the 3rd Edition of International Neurology Conference INC 2025, a globally recognized conference that has stood as a cornerstone for the past few years, demonstrating the immense importance of Neurological advancements among professionals from the field. We warmly invite all the delegates worldwide to unite again at this conference that will be held in Singapore from 25 to 27 April 2025. For the convenience of participants, this event is flexible as it is organized in a hybrid format. The Current Research in Brain Disorders and Neurology will illuminate the latest innovations and challenges faced by the field of neurology. This conference wishes to gather great minds from various fields worldwide, such as scientists, notable neurologists, academicians, surgeons, researchers, nurses, and other industry icons.

Conference Theme: Current Research in Brain Disorders and Neurology

The conference aims to emphasize how new technological capabilities can be integrated rapidly to enhance the progress of neurology and neuroscience. This also aims to explore various avenues for innovative treatment ideas that will aid patients affected by such neurological disorders.


The conference will feature various insightful presentations, including oral and poster, along with keynote sessions. The event will also host interdisciplinary panels highlighting the societal impact of STEM research in neurology. The symposium will not only help showcase advanced cutting-edge technologies and research across the domain of neuroscience and neurology and help peers connect, raising awareness about the lack of mental healthcare and the consequences of improper treatment and thus exploring feasible therapeutic approaches in curing brain disorders.


This conference aims to foster a unique ecosystem for delivering research findings to the rightful audience and promoting innovations that improve society. We humbly welcome you to INC 2025, where you can contribute to the collective pursuit of advancing knowledge and solutions in neurology and brain disorders.



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3rd Edition of International Neurology Conference (INC 2025)
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