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5th Edition of Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry 2023 Baltimore United States

Building on the resounding success of the four previous addiction medicine and psychiatry conference series, Magnus Group proudly presents the "5th Edition of Global Conference on Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health And Psychiatry". This prestigious event is scheduled to take place from October 21-23, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, with a virtual component. The overarching theme for Addiction Conferences 2024 revolves around "Healing Minds, Empowering Lives: Integrative Approaches to Mental and Behavioral Health."

Renowned for its dedication to aiding individuals in overcoming addiction and reclaiming a fulfilling life, this Behavioral Health Conference serves as a prominent platform. It brings together a diverse array of participants, including researchers, scientists, psychiatrists, neurologists, healthcare professionals, therapists, students, and caregivers. These individuals share a common interest in practical, evidence-based approaches, personal narratives, and the latest research breakthroughs related to substance abuse, addiction, gambling-related harm, and other behavioral addictions.

With a core emphasis on advancing excellence through exploration in addiction medicine, behavioral health, and psychiatry, the Psychiatry Conferences aims to establish a collaborative and communicative space for leading researchers, academics, scientists, educators, psychiatrists, addiction medicine specialists, therapists, and healthcare experts worldwide. Together, they will delve into pressing issues and research findings in the fields of addiction medicine, behavioral health, and psychiatry while seeking fresh avenues to enhance existing ones.


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