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$795, $745 before July 1st.
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Paul Anderson NMD
Neil McKinney BSc, ND
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Any company who provides or supports the following would be suitable to exhibit:

  • Herbal and Nutrient Oral Supplement Therapies
  • Prescription and Compounded Therapies
  • IV and Injection Therapies
  • Heat, Sauna and Hyperthermia
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Oxidative Therapies
  • Hydration and Quality of Life Therapies
  • Mitochondrial Approaches
  • Laser, UV and other Photodynamic Therapies
  • Digestive System Healing Therapies
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Dr. Anderson's Fall Conference, an advanced CME event, will provide physicians a clear understanding of integrative care to support the patient with cancer. After three decades working with cancer patients, Dr. Anderson has broken down the process into three distinct, but related, phases which help the patient and clinician understand the importance and appropriateness of each phase of care.

Each phase has different and unique needs, concerns and crossover with conventional oncology to be concerned with. By assessing the patient in the appropriate phase the therapies, concerns and crossovers with conventional oncology care can be appropriately managed and inappropriate interventions eliminated. This approach allows the clinician to prioritize care and the patient to understand why their care plan is structured as it is.

The three phases are:

1. Diagnosis to Active Oncology Care

2. Recovery from Active Oncology Care

3. Secondary Prevention – Maintaining Remission


Unique Approach

Most integrative oncology symposia offer good material but often due to the number of varied speakers and topics often the attendee is left with some key points and interventions but a lack of clinical understanding as to when those are appropriate interventions to use. Dr. Anderson’s bestselling book “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” with over 1,000 references and many clinical tips is already available and many attendees will have that. Additionally, each speaker (including Dr. Anderson) will provide a take home document with their top tips, tools and resources for the attendee to use.

At AAMP Seattle 2019, Dr. Anderson is building a curriculum based on the three-phase approach above but also with extremely experienced speakers who, like Dr. Anderson, have decades of clinical experience in integrated cancer care. Each day will have a theme, so every day ends with the attendee feeling like the “have” something. AAMP is all about advancing clinical knowledge and this CME will take the attendee (regardless of experience with integrative oncology) to the next level of effectiveness.

And after the event AAMP has two private Q&A webinars to get any after the seminar question answered.

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