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Strategies to Combat Counterfeit Drugs and Other Supply Chain Threats 2021

Counterfeit drugs present a real and increasing danger both to patients and companies and require a proactive approach to stay ahead of them. This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the problem of counterfeit drugs and suggest ways to combat it, some that have been employed for years and others that have been developed more recently.

Why Should You Attend:

It is hard enough to detect errors in the entire process of manufacturing and distributing one’s own pharmaceutical products, but Pharma companies must also address the challenge of counterfeit medications that at best are ineffective and at worst are deadly. Legitimate drugs can be diverted, or fake drugs can be created completely parallel with and invisible to your own supply chain, with their own distribution networks deliberately made complex to disguise them. Looking at the problem in its entirety can be overwhelming and frightening to pharma professionals and especially to consumers, who trust companies to provide them with safe and effective medications. The culprits could be your neighbors or a criminal entity operating halfway around the world. This trend is likely to increase because those involved in counterfeiting drugs are many, and laws have not caught up to the gravity of the problem.

Adding to the counterfeit issue is the problem of drugs that are diverted from the supply chain. Diversion can occur from the company’s warehouse to the hospital immediately before a dose is administered to a patient, highlighting the challenges of identifying exactly where a drug is compromised.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • The problem
    • Counterfeits
    • Diversion of legitimate product
    • Risks to patients
    • Risks to companies
  • Solutions
    • Assigning a dedicated individual or group in your organization to monitor the security of your supply chain
      • Lessons learned
      • Thefts at manufacturing facilities
      • Thefts during warehousing and distribution
    • Working with regulatory agencies, industry organizations, international agencies such as the WHO, and law enforcement (e.g., Interpol) to identify and combat fakes
      • Current initiatives

Who Will Benefit:

Pharmaceutical industry, particularly those employees in the Supply Chain, including: Product Security, Packaging and Labeling, Manufacturing, and Warehousing and Distribution.

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