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Discussion and rewarding debates around Stroke Management

SLICE Worldwide 2022

International audio-visual and interactive event focused on the treatment and care of strokes. Its objective is to offer an opportunity for constructive dialogue on practical and concrete cases.

SLICE Worldwide addresses treatment and care for ischemic strokes. This multidisciplinary conference dedicated to the treatment and care of strokes; this congress brings together

  • Neuroradiologists: highly trained doctors on a diagnostic and treatment team. These medical doctors focus in diagnosing and characterizing abnormalities within the nervous system, spine, head and neck, and they often use neuroimaging technology, such as computed tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to complete their tasks
  • Anesthetists: is responsible for the ongoing, and overall, well-being of the patient during the operation. Responsible of one of three different types of anesthesia to patients undergoing specific procedures that require numbing.
  • Emergency doctors: evaluate and treat patients in the emergency department, regardless of their illness or injury type. Their aim is to stabilize patients as quickly as possible and determine the next best step.
  • Nurses: nurses can synchronize the care for all aspects of a patient’s overall health. They would be the care provider responsible for the patient’s full care, ensuring prescriptions don’t negatively interact with one another, and that a patient understands and is prepared for treatment
  • Medical technicians: can involve tasks such as utilizing equipment that provides the newest life-saving medical treatments for patients in need. Duties may involve the utilization of diagnostic equipment to produce images that allow doctors to diagnose and effectively treat a host of ailments.
  • Junior doctors: any medical graduate who is in further training however not yet qualified to practice independently without supervision. They are all qualified to practice medicine, some of them have ten years of practical experience on top of this.

The objective is to enable multidisciplinary discussion and rewarding debates on the subject.
After 5 years of being held in an in-person format, the congress broadened towards a digital version in 2020, to allow all practitioners to participate. The distribution tools offer maximum visibility to stakeholders in the speciality. In that purpose, this congress is : 100% Free, and Accessible on catchup, also Subtitled and Translated into Chinese

During the first digital broadcast, SLICE Worldwide accumulated more than 85,000 views over the 3 days of congress. Viewing figures over the year are even more significant because SLICE is broadcast on catchup.



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