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The Thirteenth London International Cough Symposium (13th LICS) 2024 London United Kingdom

The Thirteenth London International Cough Symposium will gather clinicians and scientists for a review of the latest clinical and research advances, evolving ideas and new apparoaches to the management of chronic cough. There will be a review of the diseases associated with acute and chronic cough, advances in understanding of different types of cough, underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, and treatments for chronic hypersensitive cough.

The Symposium will consist of state-of-the-art lectures, round-table discussions and poster presentations with the participation of an International Faculty. Speakers at the Symposium include clinicians, scientists and researchers in the field of cough, and respiratory and non-respiratory diseases from across the world.

Focus of the Symposium

Chronic cough is a common condition encountered by healthcare workers in all fields of clinical practice. Chronic cough can be a major problem in those suffering from many types of respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis and pulmonary fibrosis. Often the condition is not associated with any detectable disease. The basis of chronic cough has been attributed to a cough hypersensitivity state and there has been great progress in understanding its pathophysiology. There is now greater recognition of different types of cough. Some specific antitussives are currently undergoing trials.

The purpose of this conference is to update physicians and scientists regarding those recent advances in the cough field both at the clinical and scientific levels. In addition, this Symposium will be the forum where clinicians and scientists can exchange ideas about the pathophysiology and treatment for this often debilitating condition. There are very few meetings focusing on cough alone and there is a great need to publicise the progress occurring in the field.

State-of-the-art lectures

There will be state-of-the-art presentations on the cutting edge of our understanding of cough

The attending delegates will learn about:

1. Basic mechanisms of cough hypersensitivity

2. Clinical heterogeneity of cough

3. Assessment of cough severity

4. Measuring cough and what can be learnt from cough counts

5. Neuroinflammation of cough; peripheral and central mechanisms

6. Role of the epithelium and epithelial nerves

6. Acute and chronic cough and infections

7. New antitussives being developed

8. Management of chronic cough in both adults and children.

The John Widdicombe lecture held in memory of the Cough pioneer, Professor John Widdicombe, is a unique feature of the London International Cough Symposium. Professor Widdicombe started the London International Cough Symposia in 1992.

For the 13th LICS, this lecture will be given by Professor Alyn Morice of University of Hull, UK.

Poster presentation and discussion

There will be an opportunity for researchers and clinicians to present work in the form of posters that will be discussed during 2 plenary sessions. A maximum of 30 posters will be accepted for presentation

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